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Workshop on Writing your CV

On Saturday, 16 October 2022, Project EduAccess organised a Workshop on Writing your CV – with dedicated panels for Social Sciences, Law, STEM and Humanities. In addition to providing a general overview of how to write your CV for university applications, a team of Project EduAccess mentors answered discipline-specific questions on writing your CVs.


The workshop had four panels – Social Sciences, Law, STEM, and Humanities.

Panel 1: Social Sciences

This panel comprised of Ambikesh Sharma (Masters of Public Administration, University College London), and Namita Gupta (Master of Public Administration, London School of Economics).

Panel 2: Law

This panel comprised of Akbar Zaheer (Bachelor of Civil Law, University of Oxford), and Devina Srivastava (Master of Law, University of Cambridge).

Panel 3: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

This was a one-member panel comprising of Ritika Mukherji (MSc+DPhil Neuroscience, University of Oxford).

Panel 4: Humanities

This was a one-member panel comprising Sakina Lakdawala (MPhil in Education, University of Cambridge).


On this page, you will find resources from this workshop. Please note that the breakout room discussions were not recorded, and as such, the recording available here is of the initial presentation only. 

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