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Improving access to higher education and creating opportunities of growth for learners from marginalised communities in India.

Our Work

At Project EduAccess - India, we are committed to the goal of empowering learners from marginalised and historically disadvantaged communities in India. We do this by working towards increasing their representation in higher education and creating opportunities for their personal and professional development.


In 2022-23, we ran a large-scale graduate mentorship programme to support learners from marginalised groups with their applications to UK universities and scholarship bodies for postgraduate study. Over the span of a year, we mentored a group of over 400 mentees through a network of 350 expert mentors. As of May 2023, as between 137 of these mentees, we recorded 291 admission offers and 19 scholarship offers.


Riding on this momentum, we are launching the graduate mentorship programme again, for a second year. We are also planning to offer long-term and research-based mentoring - more on this below!

Our Work

Key Initiatives

Key Initiatives

Our operations primarily focus on the following groups of learners:

  • Dalits/ Bahujans/ Adivasis

  • Indian Muslims

  • Kashmiris, and

  • Northeast Indians (including learners from the Eastern Himalayan region, in particular Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Dooars)

We also work with persons with disabilities, women and gender minorities, LGBTQ+ and economically disadvantaged persons. Learn more about our four Key Initiatives and the work we are doing to support these marginalised learners below.


India Graduate Mentorship Programme 2023-24

Flagship initiative to help Indian individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds to apply for graduate studies and scholarships abroad, including to universities in the UK, US, Europe, Australia.

India University Support Programme 2023-24

Long-term mentoring initiative to aid in the professional and personal development of first and second year undergraduate students belonging to marginalised communities.

EduAccess Research Fellowship 2023-24

Fellowship for students interested in research degrees to gain valuable research experience by working with current doctoral and post-doctoral researchers on a variety of research projects.

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