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We offer a carefully designed one-on-one mentorship programme to marginalised learners from South Asia seeking entry into HEIs, in addition to organising bespoke workshops and training sessions. Our programme adopts the following 3E Approach:


  • Creating interventions and initiatives that specifically target South Asian learners who are disadvantaged by social position, economic ability, and geography, inter alia.

  • Making information, guidance, mentorship, and support easily available to all registered learners.

  • Providing free of cost mentorship to learners. 

  • Organising open-for-all webinars accessible even to non-registered learners. 



  • Providing relevant information and top-notch mentorship, general guidance and support on entry into HEIs to our registered learners. 

  • Recruiting experienced mentors from diverse backgrounds, who shall provide informed perspectives and subject-specific, university-specific, course-specific guidance to our registered learners. 



  • Scaling up capacity with time, making mentorship and support available for as many disciplines, subjects, courses, universities, scholarships, fellowships and across as many South Asian countries as possible. 

  • Creating a programme for providing general career counselling, mentorship, and support to undergraduate and high-school learners from marginalised communities in South Asia.

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