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Workshop on Scholarships for Indian Students at the University of Oxford

The Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development (OICSD) offers a range of scholarships to support graduate students from India for Master’s and DPhil (PhD) degrees.


On Sunday, 10 December 2022, Project EduAccess organised a workshop on scholarships for Indian students at the University of Oxford in collaboration with OICSD.  A team from OICSD outlined information about scholarships on offer and provided guidance on how to make your applications stand out.

The workshop was led by Siddharth Arora (Programme Director, OICSD), Vinita Govindarajan (Partnerships and Communications Manager, OICSD), Gaurav Dubey (DPhil Geography and the Environment, Indira Gandhi Scholar 2019), and Meghmala Mukherjee (Bachelor of Civil Law, HSA Advocates Scholar, 2022).

On this page, you will find resources from this workshop.

Relevant links and contacts:

1. List of scholarships offered by OICSD for 2023-24, here.

2. For any questions related to scholarships and funding at OICSD, you can contact Victoria Wilson, Scholarships and Funding Officer, Somerville College at

3. You can stay in touch with OICSD on Twitter,  Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can also subscribe to the OICSD mailing list here.

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