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women & gender


Women and gender minorities in South Asia continue to be discriminated against and underrepresented in higher education.


While the overall participation of women in higher education in India has seen improvement over the years, disparities along the divides of social identity, economic ability and geography continue to widen. Moreover, academic disciplines like Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) remain male-dominated. Most educational spaces in India do not follow gender just practices, and therefore fail to offer a safe space or an inclusive education to women and gender minorities. As a result of poor learning facilities at home, their access to higher education abroad is also restricted.  


Alive to this problem, Project EduAccess is keen on providing mentorship support to women and gender minorities for all aspects of university and scholarship applications to higher education institutions. Our 2022-23 Mentorship Programme will support such students from India with their applications for postgraduate degrees in the United Kingdom

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