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Persons with disabilities remain severely underrepresented in higher education across the world, not least because of discriminatory attitudes, stigma and the lack of accessible educational spaces (whether physical or virtual). It is not unknown that they are among the most marginalised and excluded groups on campuses in South Asia. For instance, they constitute a mere 2.41% of the total students enrolled in higher education institutions in India (AISHE 2019-20).


Their restricted access to higher education at home in turn leads to even fewer making it to higher education institutions abroad. An intersecting identity only makes this lack of access worse.


Bearing this in mind, Project EduAccess seeks to provide mentorship support to learners with disabilities for all aspects of university and scholarship applications to higher education institutions. As a first step in this direction, our 2022-23 Mentorship Programme will support all learners with disabilities in their preparation to apply for postgraduate degrees in the United Kingdom

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