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Project EduAccess provides a conducive environment for South Asian learners from marginalised communities to receive mentorship and support to apply to higher education institutions (for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies). Our approach is to facilitate regular one-on-one mentorship sessions and bespoke workshops for our mentees free of cost. Additionally, we also organise open-for-all capacity-building sessions and training workshops relevant to higher education application processes


Our 2022-23 Mentorship Programme focuses exclusively on improving access to postgraduate study at higher education institutions in the United Kingdom (UK) for learners from marginalised communities in India. Please click here to learn more about the groups of learners we will prioritise in 2022-23.

Seeing as our focus for this academic year is on access to higher education in the UK, our mentors will guide and familiarize learners on the admissions processes of UK universities of interest/ relevance. They will specifically provide advice on drafting a good personal statement/ writing sample/ CV, finding ideal referees, etc. Mentors will additionally offer advice on funding avenues to learners who seek such guidance. 


Applications for our Mentorship Programme 2022-23 are now closed. Read our update hereFor reference, applicants were eligible to apply if:​

  • they had completed, or are in the final year of, an undergraduate degree at a college/ university in India; 

  • they belonged to one of the groups of learners listed here or were otherwise disadvantaged by social position, economic ability, and geography (among others); and

  • they were planning to apply for a postgraduate degree (including PhD) in the United Kingdom to start in 2023.


Eligible applicants were asked to fill an application form. Before the filling the form, applicants were expected to have the following ready:

  • information about the number of members in your household, your household’s net annual income for 2020-21 (approximate figure is sufficient), and the number of earners within your household; and

  • an updated CV (please ensure that it includes details of your educational qualifications, work experience, positions of responsibility, extra-curricular achievements, scholarships and awards, etc.)




While we are at full capacity for our one-on-one mentorship programme, we will continue to organize open-to-all webinars and workshops on university and scholarship applications to provide prospective applicants advice on various application documents.


Similarly, we will continue to organize capacity-building sessions for students from marginalized communities, particularly Dalits/ Bahujans/ Adivasis, Indian Muslims, Kashmiris, LGBTQ+, Persons with Disabilities, Northeast Indians, Women and Gender Minorities, and Economically Disadvantaged Individuals.


Separately, if you are a potential applicant looking for support, please feel free to drop us an email at Mentor capacity permitting, we will do our best to support you. We understand that this may come as disappointing news to some. 


We thank everyone for their unbridled support so far, and hope that we can count on your continued support!

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