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As a result of deeply entrenched stigma, discrimination and harassment, individuals identifying as LGBTQ+ are prevented from accessing a meaningful education across the world. Higher education institutions in South Asia are no exception to this disturbing pattern.


Experiences of abuse and a lack of inclusive welfare support negatively impact such students’ mental health and their ability to complete their degrees. Therefore, they are severely underrepresented both in higher education institutions in South Asia and abroad. In fact, in India, the government does not collect specific data on the total enrolment of LGBTQ+ students in higher education, leaving the scope for targeted intervention limited. 


Bearing this in mind, Project EduAccess seeks to provide mentorship support to LGBTQ+ learners for all aspects of university and scholarship applications to higher education institutions. Our 2022-23 Mentorship Programme will focus specifically on supporting applications for postgraduate degrees in the United Kingdom.

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