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In 2006, the Sachar Committee’s Report highlighted that Indian Muslims are among the most educationally disadvantaged communities in India, and that their deprivation is more pronounced as the level of education rises. More than 15 years since, Indian Muslims continue to remain on the margins of the education system.


The rate of Muslim enrolment in higher education institutions (HEIs) in India continues to trail the national rate. As per government data, as few as 5.5% of all enrolled students in higher education were Muslims (AISHE 2019-2020). Consequently, even fewer Indian Muslims make it to HEIs abroad. Freedom of Information requests reveal that only an approximate 4% of all Indian applicants at various UK universities are Indian Muslims.


Recognising this lack of representation, as well as the systemic and dispositional barriers unique to Indian Muslim learners, we are looking to provide such learners customised mentorship support for all aspects of university and scholarship applications for higher education. As a first step in this direction, our 2022-23 Mentorship Programme will support all Indian Muslims preparing to apply for a postgraduate degree in the United Kingdom.

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