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Financial barriers are one of the biggest factors impacting representation in higher education institutions (HEIs) abroad.


Most students pursuing degrees in HEIs abroad come from advantaged socio-economic backgrounds. For those belonging to low-income groups, pursuing higher education abroad tends to be an impossible financial commitment. Even making an application to a single university comes with a huge financial burden in the form of application fees and English language test fees. Moreover, students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds cannot take up offers to study abroad without securing a scholarship or a loan. But application processes for such funding avenues are quite tedious. The logistics in the run up to moving abroad (such as securing a visa) are also expensive.


Recognising these financial barriers, Project EduAccess aims to provide mentorship to those belonging to economically disadvantaged backgrounds, particularly for scholarship/ funding applications. Our 2022-23 Mentorship Programme will focus on supporting those applying for postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom.

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