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Workshop on Applying for PhDs in the US

Continuing our workshop series on PhD applications, Project EduAccess organised a workshop on Applying for PhDs in the US on Sunday, 9 October 2022. A team of Project EduAccess mentors provided an overview of PhD application processes in the US.


The workshop was led by Sharik Laliwala (PhD Student in Political Science, University of California, Berkeley), Syed Taha Kaleem (PhD Student in Anthropology, Brandeis University, Massachusetts) and Tapaswinee Mitra (PhD Student in Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies, University of Maryland - College Park).

The panellists are happy for prospective applicants to reach them for advice. You can reach out to Syed Taha Kaleem at,  Sharik Laliwala at and Tapaswinee Mitra at


On this page, you will find resources from this workshop.

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